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Life Cover

How would your family cope financially in the event of premature death? It’s amazing how easily your day to day outgoings stack up. Simply protecting your mortgage may not go far enough. Regular outgoings will still have to be covered by your loved ones. We will ensure that your family can maintain their lifestyle should the worst happen and / or provide a lump sum to cover funeral expenses.

Life cover can be set up for a fixed term or on a whole of life basis.

All policies can be set up in Trust

Critical Illness Cover

When considering protection most people believe that critical illness is going to be expensive, however adding this benefit to your life cover can buy you valuable time to recover from a critical illness. We all dream of winning the lottery even with odds of 14 million to 1. However, when it comes to the lottery of life sadly, the chances of a critical illness striking close to home are higher than you might think.

Some 20% of men and 15% of women are diagnosed with a critical illness prior to retirement.

We are all natural optimists; however having this type of cover will reduce the need to leave this to chance and will protect any savings you have accrued.

This type of protection planning is suitable for both mortgage cover and personal protection.

All policies can be set up in Trust

Income Protection

In the event that you are unable to work due to sickness or accident, covering your income means you will be able to maintain all aspects of your lifestyle including paying your mortgage or rent, utility bills, credit cards and other monthly outgoings. This type of plan can be standalone or tailored around any employers benefits. This will prevent you from having to rely on State benefits which may not meet your full monthly expenditure.

We offer a full range of protection plans to cover all needs. We will help you identify your individual protection needs and guide you through the various types of cover available to ensure you get the right cover at the right price.

Private Medical Insurance/ Private Health Insurance

Health insurance helps you to get fast access to specialists for diagnosis, helps reduce NHS waiting times for medical care and you benefit from pioneering treatments and proven drugs not widely available. At a time and place that suits you. It all adds up to invaluable peace of mind.

Having worked alongside IBC for several years now I find them to be very professional in their dealings with my clients. My clients in turn have confided in me that they too have found IBC to be extremely professional in their dealings with them, and that they would not hesitate to recommend IBC to their family & friends when requiring financial advice.

— Colin Grant IFA , True Potential Wealth Management

Since the beginning of our relationship with IBC they have been friendly, approachable and highly professional in dealing with our clients. Our advisers have referred a number of clients and they have been very comfortable in their meetings, fully understand the advice they are receiving and have most importantly felt looked after. IBC’s professional relationship with us has been very much a partnership, even though IBC are giving the advice, they are keen to understand the relationship we have with the client to ensure everything goes smoothly and the client and client relationship remains at the heart of everything we do. Highly professional firm and we would recommend IBC to any firm requiring outsourcing needs.

— Craig Dougan DipFA , Rutland Independent Wealth Management LLP

We have been working with Ken and his team at IBC for a number of years now, especially so since Pensions Freedoms arrived. I have found the experience to be very satisfactory. They put the client’s needs front and centre as we do and work with us as the introducer in the clients best interests. We value the high level of professionalism and service that we and our clients experience. They insist as, we do, in meeting the client face to face to ensure that they really understand the clients concerns, goals and aspirations.

— Peter Trainor, MD, Opes Financial Planning Ltd, Troon

We at Gill Financial Services Ltd have been using IBC as our Pension Transfer Specialists for around 3 years now and have been delighted with the service and knowledge of the Advisers that we have used. I have known Ken Simpson personally for around 8 years having had dealings with a local Oil Companies pension scheme where Ken was looking after the overall scheme and we were dealing with individual members. Ken shows a great knowledge of the Pension Transfer market and shows great passion & connects with our clients at whatever level of experience they hold making sure that he pitches to them at the appropriate level. They have a great backroom team in Glasgow who make sure that all the Admin is taken care of.

— Roy Gill IFA - Gill Financial Services Ltd