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Sunday Herald Article 20th August 2017

“Good things come to those who wait” is a favourite saying of IFA Derek Allan of Independent Benefit Consultancy.

“It came to mind most vividly when I was visiting a famous museum in Dublin at the weekend that celebrates the production of a certain ‘glorious black liquid’; I hadn’t a clue about brewing, about how it’s done, the chemistry, the various techniques, the trials and tribulations – although I thoroughly enjoy quaffing the results of it all.

“Funnily enough it starts from a seed, a tiny wee seed mixed with some yeast, water and hops and the whole thing involves a variety of differing planning processes. From time to time there would be new initiatives, some good and some not so good, but the learning that came from them was huge. It brought enjoyment to the masses, and work to a lot of people all over the world – and to think it all originated with one gentleman supported by some money from his wife.

“I did not know how skillful a master cooper was or how much water was taken from the surrounding hills to support the venture, including all the various legalities. I did not know how many boats, ships and trains were used in the process either. Looking and trying to understand that process, and seeing what hard work went into it, was intriguing.

“It made me think of what we want from our own lives and plans. Actually most us don’t have any plans and can’t understand why we don’t appear to be going anywhere. Now I am more sure than ever about the importance of having a plan, as well as being prepared to wait, change and adapt it along the way.

“A whole host of different challenges will confront your plan, and it may have to change and adapt to them. It may cost a lot of time and frustration, but with persistence you will meet your goal.

“I was a talking to a client yesterday about the ‘glorious black liquid’ and my enthusiasm not just for drinking the stuff but understanding what enormous levels of work have been put into its production. We agreed that in this world of instant results, it is heartening to see the value of patience so appreciated – something that takes a long time to arrive tastes twice as sweet.

“So I always encourage clients to plan, and to start this process as early as possible for the best results. I tell them the story of the wee seed in  Dublin and what it has grown into and they soon get the message.”

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    Having worked alongside IBC for several years now I find them to be very professional in their dealings with my clients. My clients in turn have confided in me that they too have found IBC to be extremely professional in their dealings with them, and that they would not hesitate to recommend IBC to their family & friends when requiring financial advice.

    — Colin Grant IFA , True Potential Wealth Management

    Since the beginning of our relationship with IBC they have been friendly, approachable and highly professional in dealing with our clients. Our advisers have referred a number of clients and they have been very comfortable in their meetings, fully understand the advice they are receiving and have most importantly felt looked after. IBC’s professional relationship with us has been very much a partnership, even though IBC are giving the advice, they are keen to understand the relationship we have with the client to ensure everything goes smoothly and the client and client relationship remains at the heart of everything we do. Highly professional firm and we would recommend IBC to any firm requiring outsourcing needs.

    — Craig Dougan DipFA , Rutland Independent Wealth Management LLP

    We have been working with Ken and his team at IBC for a number of years now, especially so since Pensions Freedoms arrived. I have found the experience to be very satisfactory. They put the client’s needs front and centre as we do and work with us as the introducer in the clients best interests. We value the high level of professionalism and service that we and our clients experience. They insist as, we do, in meeting the client face to face to ensure that they really understand the clients concerns, goals and aspirations.

    — Peter Trainor, MD, Opes Financial Planning Ltd, Troon

    We at Gill Financial Services Ltd have been using IBC as our Pension Transfer Specialists for around 3 years now and have been delighted with the service and knowledge of the Advisers that we have used. I have known Ken Simpson personally for around 8 years having had dealings with a local Oil Companies pension scheme where Ken was looking after the overall scheme and we were dealing with individual members. Ken shows a great knowledge of the Pension Transfer market and shows great passion & connects with our clients at whatever level of experience they hold making sure that he pitches to them at the appropriate level. They have a great backroom team in Glasgow who make sure that all the Admin is taken care of.

    — Roy Gill IFA - Gill Financial Services Ltd